JYWC Wrestling PARENT Blueprint


Keep the pressure off…be quiet during competition..Just video tape and encourage



How you can help?


1. Hold them accountable to practice well 


2. Get them to every practice


3. Challenge them to use new technique


4. Make competing fun


5. Make sure they are a good sport


6. Be respectful no matter what others do


7. Don't be afraid to hold them out



 Year 1: Practice and 2-4 Tournaments AT THE MOST!

  • Goal is to HOOK them on wrestling…..keep it fun
  • You are observing if they can practice correctly
  • You are observing to see if they can handle individual competition
  • You are observing to see if they can handle the physical and mental demands of wrestling


Year 2: Practicing Correctly

  • ALL focus should be on practicing correctly
  • Can they focus during technique instruction?
  • Can they effectively drill the technique when given the time?
  • Can they wrestle reasonably hard with partner during live wrestling?
  • Can they come off the mat after a loss and take instruction?
  • Compete in up to 8 tournaments, plus the WWF regional competition


Year 3:  Positioning, Strength and Fine Tuning the Competition Calendar

  • Begin the focus on building CORE strength (Not to be confused with weight lifting)
  • Focus on NEVER getting out of position.  All focus/review is about proper positioning
  • Focus on mental toughness….looking forward to tough competition
  • Fine tune the tournament schedule to the athlete success level (start of 70/30)
  • Compete in up to 10 tournaments, plus the WWF regional completion
  • Think about off-season wrestling (Freestyle/Greco) or summer camps


Year 4 thru 8:  Chasing GOOD Losses

  • Continue to focus on building core strength (it’s a long term process)
  • Compete in 10+ tournaments; Tweak your schedule to achieve a 70/30 success level
  • Chase losses….if your athlete wins > 70% of their matches, find a tougher tournament
  • Do SOME wrestling during offseason, but compete in other sports (Balance)
  • Find/Develop your future teammates
  • Wrestling with teammates towards team goals, re-energizes them in this tough sport
  • Late Middle School à Formalized Weight Training